The dads in the Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA Father/Child, Nature Explorer Program have discovered an innovative program that allows them to spend quality time with their kids during those growing up years. Participants meet once a month in small groups, called camps. As part of the larger group, or nation, camps join together to participate in activities ranging from the Camping, Pinewood Derby, Rocket Shoot, Monster Truck event, Daddy/Daughter Date Night Community Day and much more.

The focus of our Nature Explorer program is to develop the bond of friendship and understanding between Father and Child. This bond will build lasting memories for both father and child, and will prepare our children to lead responsible, spiritual, and enriching lives.

The Nature Explorer program is designed for dads and their children. Boys age pre-K through 5th grade participate in the Guides Nation. Girls pre-K through 5th grade participate in the Princes Nation. Kids 6th grade and up can participate in the Trails Nation. Father and child must attend program activities together. In YMCA – Father/Child, Nature Explorers program, the father is the Guide, and the child is the Explorer.

Grandfathers, Uncles or other male guardians and their kids are encouraged to join when the dad is unavailable. The program promotes positive male role models and adventurous children.

Nature Explorers Flyer