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You can join the Nature Exploreres of the Blackland Prairie by contacting the Arlington Mansfield Area YMCA and asking to join the Father-Child Program. The Program is designed for fathers and their children from the age of three to the 8th grade.

Participation in all events is recommend, but is not mandatory. Some events are geared towards fathers and daughters, while others are geared towards fathers and sons. Most events are for fathers and all kids.

A variety of events are planned and sposored throughout the year, with the goal of providing a safe environment where fathers can spend quality time with their kids and create life long bonds of friendship and love that they will cherish throughout their lives.

There is a yearly fee for joining the program through the Arlington Mansfield Area YMCA, and there are smaller event fees depending on the event. As a non profit orgranization, our goal is to make the events rewarding and enriching without adding an extra burden of high costs.

For more information regarding the program, contact the Arlington Mansfield Area YMCA or you can reach out to the Blackland Prairie Federation Director through the contact page of this website.

Some of our regular events are listed below. Explore them and we hope to see you at one of our events.